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Quickly identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks, keeping your business and client’s data secure

Seecra AppScaner is a powerful security analysis tool designed to automatically scan applications in order to detect vulnerability to hacking, data leaks, malicious code and other weaknesses.

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    Analyze Any App

    All kinds of apps can be analyzed, source code is not required

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    Fast And Accurate Results

    Multiple in-depth analysis on latest mobile security vulnerabilities

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    Easy To Use, Easy to Scale

    No deep expertise required, Seecra App Scaner can be scaled up to x000 scans/year

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    Cloud & On-Premises Supported

    Seecra AppScaner is available via cloud or can be installed on your premise

Because Expertise only Comes

from one place… EXPERIENCE.

Our digital forensics experts have nearly two decades of experience with government agencies, law enforcement, and international corporations.

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    Computer Forensics

    SEECRA offers the most complete line of forensic services and solutions on the market today.

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    Mobile Forensics

    SEECRA is proud to provide an arsenal of mobile forensic tools of exceptional quality..

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    Network Forensics

    Take your system-based forensic knowledge to the next level.

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    Cloud Forensics

    Cloud environments pose unique digital forensics challenges and SEECRA has the professional capabilities needed to navigate this complex area.

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    Audio & Video Forensics

    Powerful Tools To Make You An Efficient Investigator…

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    Data Recovery

    SEECRA provide a state of the art Data Recovery Lab to perform data recovery for Damaged hard drives, memory sticks and any kind of media



When choosing a cybersecurity provider, SEECRA is your first choice for reliability and long-term support.

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    SAP Pentration Testing

    SAP Security Audit
    SAP Vulnnerability Assessment

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    ORACLE Penetration Testing

    ORACLE Security Audit ORACLE Vulnnerbility Assessment

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    ATM Security Assessments

    SEECRA is working with major international banks to secure their networks. Our complete assessment of ATM security uses in-depth analysis methods

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    ICS/SCADA Security Assessment

    SEECRA offers a full range of ICS-specific security services

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